June 07, 2004

Why I'm Going To Hell, Part 1

As Ken pointed out in a previous comment, I will occasionally make fun of dead people. Tasteless? Sure. But here's the thing...They never come after you. They're safe. No matter how many times I have poked fun at Shakespeare, never once have I gotten a letter from him:

Dear Jerkweed:

Once I'm done spinning in my grave and clawing frantically through several feet of wet earth, you're finished.

I did get one from my aunt like that, but it was only because we accidentally buried her alive.


  1. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Nothing wrong with making fun of dead people, or retards or cripples for that matter. It's OK for me to say that because I know lots of retards and they laugh all the time. Hey if you can't laugh at retards or cripples, then who can you laugh at.

  2. See ya in hell, JERK!