June 23, 2004

Just a Thought...

Apparently because of the Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal, a number of the countries in the UN have decided not to renew the U.S. exemption from the International Criminal Court.
A resolution needs a minimum of nine "yes" votes for adoption in the 15-member council but the United States could only be sure of support from Britain, the sole European Union (news - web sites) member prepared to vote in favor, as well as Russia, Angola, the Philippines and Pakistan, diplomats said.

All others, including Germany, France, Spain, China, Brazil, Romania, Benin, Chile and Algeria, signaled they would abstain or were leaning in that direction.

Well, if those countries are so worried, I have a simple solution. The U.S. should remove all military and military bases from the areas in and surrounding: Germany, France, Spain, China, Brazil, Romania, Benin, Chile, and Algeria. That should ensure that no American abuse happens to any of them.

Maybe we could start here.

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