October 25, 2008


I actually like Daniel Craig as an actor, but I was a little bothered by his reasoning in answering a question for Parade Magazine:
"I finally ask this British actor a deeply American question: 'Who do you think would be the better James Bond—Barack Obama or John McCain?'

Craig doesn’t hesitate. 'Obama would be the better Bond because—if he’s true to his word—he’d be willing to quite literally look the enemy in the eye and go toe-to-toe with them.' "
Maybe someone should point out to Craig that one of the two actually has "quite literally looked the enemy in the eye and [went] toe-to-toe with them." Every day for five years.

Guess which one.

October 16, 2008

"And All The Women In My Family Are Female."

Petitedov has a post on the alleged threatening remarks yelled about Barack Obama during a Sarah Palin rally in Scranton.

One of the things that struck me was the defense offered up by Jeff Sonderman, the Metro Editor of The Scranton Times-Tribune, the paper that "broke" the story:
“We stand by the story. The facts reported are true and that’s really all there is.”
This is what's known as a tautology. That is, since the word "fact" means "true," you're comparing synonyms. It's like saying "All the women in my family are female." It's not only faulty logic, it's redundant. What Sonderman essentially said was "All the true things we reported were true." Of course that says nothing about things that may not have been true.

"Say Hello To Your Mother For Me."

I don't know why, but this video just cracks me up. Enjoy:

I heard that Mark Wahlberg didn't think too much of this. That's a shame because I always thought he seemed like a pretty decent guy, and would have thought that he would have been a really good sport about it. You know...maybe even appear on the show so that they could do "Mark Wahlberg talks to Mark Wahlberg."

"Hey, Mark Wahlberg. Hows it going'?"
"Pretty great, Mark Wahlberg. I like your movies."

October 14, 2008

Just Frightening...

I know the Ayers-Obama connection has been done to death. I'm not going to try to top what's already out there, but I will link to this post from Deroy Murdock that puts a lot of information about Ayers (and his Obama connection) together in one place. I have to admit--I already thought that Ayers was a dangerous individual, but after reading this, I realize that I had no idea just how dangerous. You really have to read this.

Here's a sample about Ayers:
In 1970, Ayers encapsulated the Weathermen’s worldview: “Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home. Kill your parents.”
And another about his wife and fellow Weatherman (Weatherperson?) Bernardine Dohrn:
She later said this about the Charles Manson family’s August 9, 1969, murders of pregnant actress Sharon Tate and her friends in her Beverly Hills home: “Dig it! Manson killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, then they shoved a fork into the victim’s stomach. Wild!”
I think Murdock also brings up an important point--while everyone is focusing on how Obabma could accept support from Ayers and Dohrn, we ought to also be asking just what it was about Obama that made Ayers and Dohrn decide he was the candidate they wanted to launch. What was it they saw in him?

UPDATE: You might want to read the reprinted article that originally carried the quotes above.

October 09, 2008

Deep In The Heart Of Taxes

It's things like this that made me dig Larry Elder. Although I already knew most of this, I still had a few surprises, like this:
A U.S. News & World Report blogger went to the Democratic National Convention in Denver and conducted an informal poll of 24 DNC delegates. He asked them, "What should 'the rich' pay in income taxes?" Half the respondents said "25 percent"; 25 percent said "20 percent"; 12 percent said "30 percent"; and another 12 percent said "35 percent." The average DNC delegate wanted the rich to pay 25.6 percent, which is lower than what the rich pay now -- both by share of taxes and by tax rate!
It just goes to show that for the most part, people are stupid. I'm not just talking about Democratic people, either. And perhaps I should say "uninformed" rather than "stupid." For example, I wonder who people picture when they think of "the rich"? As Elder points out, to be in the top five percent, you only need to make more than $153,542. That's a lot, but I'll bet when you think of "the rich" you think of a lot more wealth than that.

One last thought...I found it interesting that Obama and Biden, who try to pass themselves off as men of the people, donated a much smaller percentage of their incomes than those greedy Republicans President and Mrs. Bush. Only $3,700 in charitable donations over 10 years, Senator Biden? Say it ain't so, Joe.