June 20, 2004

What A Great Place To Live

If you haven't heard already, my "local city," Rochester, has the distinction of being the first (as far as I know) city to offer free beer to those who register to vote. Monroe County Democrats have joined with a local brewery to give away the beer, and to give those who register a chance to "simulate the experience of voting" by letting them enter a booth and vote for the best-tasting beer. So the Democratic experience is to have a few beers and vote? Well, now I understand how Teddy Kennedy keeps getting elected.

My favorite made-up quote:

"S'easy. You jus' get a beer, g'won in the booth...and vote. I voted...eleventy-five times," said one participant, holding up all the fingers on one hand. "And...I think...maybe I puked twice...UUUUUURRRRP!"

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous9:09 PM

    Leave it to the boys at High Falls and their jackass leader, Tom Hubbard, to come up with this ploy in a lame attempt to stave off having to file for Chapter 11.

    I'm glad we got outta there and switched to Huber Brewery... no sense in us, as a new company, going down with the ship.