June 30, 2004

Michael Moore Lie #....Somebody Help Me Out Here.

I've lost count. A little while back, I questioned Michael Moore's claim that:
"It's a violation of my First Amendment rights that I cannot advertise my movie. It's a movie," Moore said. "I have not publicly endorsed John Kerry. I am an independent; I am not a member of the Democratic Party."

Now, I talked about how it was essentially a two-man race, and by bashing Bush, Moore was endorsing Kerry by default. Turns out I did a lot of work for nothing. All I had to do was go over to The Smoking Gun. According to TSG, Moore is registered to vote in Michigan. Oh...And he's also registered in New York.
We're sure this is some kind of innocent mix-up, that Moore forgot to cancel his New York registration before signing up in Michigan. Though, as a New York City voter, TSG can tell you it's hard not to realize you are registered, since a voter's mailbox is regularly bombarded with candidate mail, official voter guides, and Board of Election notices about upcoming elections and reminders about the location of your polling place.

But wait...there's Moore. (sorry, had to slip one in there.)

The article also has a copy of Moore's NYC voter registration card. And guess which party he checked on the card? I'll give you a hint--it begins with "d" and ends with "emocratic."

A misstatement, perhaps? Or maybe, as Mike is always saying, it's comedy and I just don't get it, which is weird because I know as well as anyone that you can often create improbable situations for comedic effect.

And speaking of improbable situations, I saw a beautiful display of the Aurora Borealis last night. Or maybe it was just somebody's pants on fire.

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