June 16, 2004

And Sometimes Things Work Out Right...

Like they did for four-year-old Nick O'Brien. And a big pat on the back for Cardinals outfielder Reggie Sanders.

This guy Starr seems like a real tool. Yeah...youth minister. Right.

UPDATE: It's already being reported that Starr wants to give the ball back to the kid. Really? Really, Mr. "I got it"? This out of the generosity of your heart? You thought what...maybe you'd just keep it safe for him for a while rather than give it to him at the time? It's a little bit easier to do the right thing when the rest of the world suddenly finds out what a complete ass you are, isn't it?

Too little, too late, you lowlife. I hope the kid gets free games all season.


  1. Hey man. Kid's got to learn sooner or later. Sack up, punk. Fly balls ain't free!

  2. Anonymous9:17 PM

    What a change for Reggie Sanders.

    When Reggie first broke into the bigs a little more than a decade ago, he was a Class-A ass and probably would have beat the kid to death for the ball himself.

    Glad to see he's changed his tune. (Of course, turning out to be only a slightly above average player plagued by injuries after the "experts" proclaimed he'd be the next Ken Griffey, Jr. may have humbled him just a little.)