June 30, 2004

This Probably Won't Mean Much To Anybody...

...but the members of one family, but:

"Friends" star Matthew Perry is being hailed a hero after saving a drowning tot during a pal's Hollywood Hills barbecue. The actor reportedly spotted the 2-year-old boy lying lifelessly in the swimming pool as he took a wander through his friend's yard. He dived in and dragged the boy to safety before urging partygoers to call for medical help. Medics arrived minutes later and took the boy to the hospital, where doctors praised fast-thinking Perry for saving the tot's life.

I just thought that we tend to pounce all over these people when they pop too many pills, or drink too many drinks, or generally embarrass themselves, and that it would be nice this time around to pass along the gossip when they do something that's deserving of praise.

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