June 17, 2004

School's Out For...Ever

Since I'm pretty sure that most of my readers are on loan from Ken, I'm guessing you already know that they're closing down LIU Southampton. I have to say I'm a little bummed out about it. First of all, if I knew they needed money that badly, I would have paid off that 50$ I owed them.

This is really a first for me. All the other places I've worked or studied are still around. Many of the same people still work there. When picking my nephew up from kindergarten, I ran into a teacher who once taught me. It amazes me that people can teach for that long and not want to rip their eyes and ears out. Apart from being a little grayer, he still looks the same. And he remembered me. Not only did he remember me, he correctly guessed my age (I'm assuming) by remembering what year he had me in class. Now, granted...I'm a fairly memorable guy. But not that memorable.

LIU Southampton represents a significant part of my life. Not a large part, but a significant part. I feel like I thrived there, excelled there. And the people... I met some of the best people I know there, many of whom I keep in touch with. Some of you are probably reading this right now. And as sad as I am to see it go, that's how I'll always remember it--a place of good people.

I was going to add a comment to Kenny's post, but everyone was talking about The Still, and partying, and other incidents. I thought I'd focus on the people--the ones that made all those other things worthwhile. After all, every town has a Still. It's how you fill it that makes the difference.

So I'll go ahead and hoist one to Southampton, and ask you all to do the same. Here's to Cutts, Peterson, Pattison, and all those others who gave us some good book learnin'. Here's to the advisors and administrators, who often times let us get away with everything short of murder. Here's to those good, nameless souls who cleaned the suites and bathrooms of some of the vilest substances known to man. And most of all...here's to all of you who shared that brief but important time with me. You fuckers are alright.


  1. Anonymous12:03 AM

    Hey, dude, we love ya, too.


  2. "everything short of murder" ... well, speaking for myself, I got away with that one too a few times.

    And here's to The Boys Club.

    And you know, even the frickin dot-com that I worked for is still around. What the hell!?

  3. Anonymous9:40 AM

    I think I may have killed some guy one night at the Shinnecock Motel back in late '93 or early '94.

    He was being drunk and disorderly at 2:30 a.m. while I was trying to be stoned and mellow and just watch some B-52s carpet bomb the living bejesus out of the Viet Cong on that old Discovery Channel show "Wings." Really pissed me off. I may have killed him, but I was so wasted I'm not sure if it was a real homicide or a drug-induced break with reality (I had a lot of those back in the good ol' Southampton days, but, fortunately, Dr. Scott talked me through the tougher ones). While I'm not sure if the whole sordid affair was a fantasy or the real deal, I do know that a guy we'll just have to call "Mr. Shadows of Poultry" was involved in the effort to dispose of the body.

    Anyway, Kenny, just tell me you committed your act of murder during my watch as E-I-C of The Windmill so I can add that crime to the steadily growing list of atrocities that have been perpetrated by businesses, organizations, political campaigns, PACS, or other groups that have been blessed enough to have a raging psychopath like me as their "top guy."

    I got me some records to break and any notch I can add to the gun belt is never a suck deal.