June 09, 2004

Maybe It's The Weather?

I hate to jump on the blog bandwagon, but I just can't get excited about writing on the blog today.

Let me set the scenario for you:

I have a steak, an inch thick, medium rare, just taken off the grill. I've finished the second Killians' of a six pack. I was going to make a salad, but shredding lettuce seems like too much work at this point. Since there's nothing on the tube but a funeral and The Simple Life reruns, I plan on eating steak, drinking beer, and reading one of several books I have had lined up for a while until I collapse in sheer, red-meat-induced bliss.

Oh...did I mention that there may be some pistachio ice cream involved in this equation?

I'm sure I'll find something tomorrow to be mad about, but right now, I just don't care.

Can you blame me?


  1. Anonymous10:48 PM

    apathetic fucker! You guys are supposed to be entertaining me. I'm working late and you guys got nothing to say. Ken's in the motherland and you're eating a big F'in steak! This is bullshit! I risk my professional future by trying to sneak-a-peak of your blogs, hoping my boss doesn't come in and want to know exactly how and why I'm misusing the government granted funds that bought my computer. And all you guys have to say is, "Gee, it's really tought to care about things today." That's just fucking great. I can only hope by tomorrow something seriously large and nasty has crawled up both of your asses and died, prompting you to new levels of inspir-fucking-ation. Alright, I'm done, I suddenly don't give a crap either. But if you could, tomorrow enlighten me on the grave mistake of the Tampa Bay Tribune publishing the article stating that the Lightning lost the Stanley Cup championship. Or do you not take requests?

  2. Anonymous10:49 PM

    oh yeah, that last thing was me, Doug.

  3. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Man don't leave me hanging...what kind of steak? Ribeye, t-bone, NY strip, fillet mignon? What kind!?!? I don't get steak too often, can't afford it and my wife is a vegetarian. I need details!

  4. It was a top round--all the way across and just over an inch thick. I'm partial to the leaner cuts. I grilled it medium rare, seared it on both sides so it was still juicy. Cut it on the bias, against the grain. This particular piece was incredibly tender. You could almost cut it with a fork. I had rubbed it with a mixture of spices (my own recipe, of course), wrapped it up and let it sit for a day or two. Let me tell you, it didn't need anything--no steak sauce, nothing. Thought about a little ground horseradish, but this was just too good on its own. And...there's just enough left for tonight to make a nice little meal.

  5. And let me just say, if any of you want to eat more steak but the wallet's looking a little thin? Can't go wrong with the top round. It's lean, tender, and tasty. And more importantly, it's not that expensive. I think mine was about $11 for like, nearly three pounds of steak. Before people start saying you have to have porterhouse, strip, blah, blah, blah....I say it's the way you season and cook it. Those other steaks are all name. If you want to go out and spend $100 on a Polo shirt, be my guest. Me? I'd rather spend less for one that lasts as long and looks as good (except for the little horse). Also, that way I don't get nearly as pissed when I drip sweet, meaty steak juices all over it.