June 16, 2004

"Maybe They'll Be Too Stupid To Notice.."

I've been seeing reports that a LA Times poll that showed Kerry ahead by 7 points(!) may be fudged a little. Roll Call is reporting that the poll was made up of 38% Democrats and 25% Republicans. RC is a subscription site, so no link, but I'll try to keep you posted.

Man...with fudge like that, you've got to have plenty of nuts.

UPDATE: Here's the LA Times article. Go ahead and click on the poll graphic on that page. What's really interesting, is that even if the poll is lopsided, nearly half of the people polled think Kerry flip-flops, and fully half think Bush would be better at keeping the nation safe. Even more interesting, a much higher percentage (by 9 points) felt that Bush shared their moral values.

Add to that the fact that Bush is 11 points ahead in one of the battleground states, and essentially tied (within the margin of error) in the other two...well, I'd be interested to see how these numbers turn out when the poll is a little more balanced.

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