June 23, 2004

Et Tu, NPR?

A short single post tonight, as I'm a little under the weather. I don't even have a link to this, but I happened to catch an NPR review of Clinton's book. I was SURE it was going to be a big ego stroke, but even NPR trashed it. Not as bad as the Times did, mind you, but bad. I'm paraphrasing here, but it opened with something like "it's amazing that a President so well known for his ability to speak can't manage to write a book that keeps the reader awake." They also (I'm working from memory here people, and on an hour of sleep, so give me a break.) pointed out the hypocrisy in first claiming that he had an affair for the worst of reasons--because he could--in some sort of mini-mea culpa, and then suddenly claiming a "badge of honor" when he got caught and committed perjury to hide it. Is he sorry or proud?

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