June 04, 2004

My Politics...and welcome to them

I thought in the interest of full disclosure that I should describe myself politically. But here's the problem. I'm not sure what I am. Seriously. I tend to go by the issue at hand. To me, saying that I'm a conservative because I'm against (some) gun control, or liberal because I'm against putting the Ten Commandments in a courtroom, is as silly as saying I must be Korean because I drive a Hyundai. In actuality, I drive a Hyundai because I'm po'. (See, I can't even afford the "or"!)

I guess what I'm saying is: don't be surprised if I occasionally "switch sides," or "contradict myself," or "break down weeping because I drive a Hyundai."

When you get down to it, I'm a registered Libertarian, mainly because I think I'm better equipped to decide how to live my life than the government is. It's the rest of you wackos that need to be babysat. Hahahahahaha. However, most people have the wrong impression of Libertarians, and think we're the party that wants nothing more than to promote wild, crazy drug use. That's not true! We also want to promote wild, crazy sex. Well, there are other things, but you can look for yourself. I actually disagree with them on a few issues, but nobody's perfect.

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  1. I don't care what anybody says, Hyundais are HOT. Something about that warranty just turns me on. Wait, what blog am I on. Nevermind.