June 15, 2004

For God's Sake, DS...The Horse Is Dead Already!

The last thing I want to do is turn this into a blog that bashes Michael Moore. If there's one thing I've learned from him, it's that if every time you open your big mouth, you endlessly badmouth the same guy, you begin to look like a freakishly paranoid asshole. But he makes it so easy.

Filmmaker Michael Moore had footage of prisoner abuse in Iraq long before the atrocities captured international attention, but decided to stay quiet until his new movie came out. Now he's questioning that decision.

I can't tell which bothers me more about this new wrinkle...the shameless self-promotion or the hypocrisy. I'll let you decide.

First, the self-promotion. One thing that Michael Moore is good at is talking about what a great guy Michael Moore is. And apparently a bit of an investigative Superman. Let's see...he had evidence of abuse before the press did; he has secret yowza footage from secretly getting embedded with secret military groups; he interviewed Richard Clarke before he was big news; he also interviewed Nick Berg before he was big news. According to Michael Moore, if he had only acted on this information, he could have single-handedly ended all Iraq-related problems before they even occurred. If only the internet hadn't been invented already. Although Moore may any day disclose that he once interviewed Al Gore, and just maybe let something slip...

All I'm going to say about the hypocrisy is this: you all know damn well that if Moore thought that George Bush or any members of his administration sat on information, refusing to disclose it until it suited them...well, he'd make a movie about it, wouldn't he.

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