June 05, 2004

Make it a Double...

Well, I have to say that I was rooting for Smarty Jones to win the Triple Crown (although I put my money on the third place finisher--Royal Assault). My grandfather owned racehorses, so I grew up around racing, and later, I grew up even more around the OTB parlor. Even so, I'm always struck by how quick and (mostly) anti-climatic the races are. This one could have been a good race if there wasn't so much of a build-up beforehand.

My thought? Elliott brought Smarty Jones out a little too early. I think had they waited to break away from the pack, Smarty would have had enough gas left to fight off the eventual winner, Birdstone. (Who, by the way, paid $74 on a $2 ticket.)

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  1. Anonymous8:47 PM

    Just as a side note Birdstone is owned by Saratoga socialite Mirylou Whitney. This lady is like 70 years old has more money than God and has a 30 something year old husband. Anyone who has spent a summer near upstate NY and has been to the Saratoga track knows her. There will be a bigger celebration in 'Toga this year than last when Funny Cide made a bid to win the Triple Crown. Almost makes me wish I still lived over there.