June 10, 2004

Fuck Detroit

I'm finding myself cursing a lot more than is my wont. Must be all that red meat.

Anyway, it seems Jimmy Kimmel put his foot in his mouth, joking that, should the Pistons beat the Lakers in the NBA finals, Detroit fans would burn the city to the ground, referencing past riots that occurred under similar circumstances. Apparently Detroit, once proud Motor City home of Motown is now filled with a bunch of wussies. The Detroit ABC affiliate yanked the following night's show, and the network followed suit.

Kimmel apologized, though:
Assuming a somewhat more sober tone on Thursday, Kimmel added: "When you're 2,000 miles away from a city you've never lived in, it's hard to understand the sadness people feel from something that happened in their town -- even if it happened many years ago.

I'm not sure you get to destroy your city and then feel hurt when someone makes fun of it. It's not like Cleveland snuck over, turned a few cars over, lit some fires and left. It's not something that "happened to" them, they did it their own freakin' selves. I can't purposely burn my house to the ground and then get all offended when people point out how stupid I am.

a) let's take some personal freakin' responsibility, people.

2) it's a joke.

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  1. Fuck 'em indeed. Jerks. (That said, Dead Serious does NOT live in Brooklyn, so if yall Detroiters are looking for something new to burn, yall don't come sniffing around here)