June 05, 2004

Pssst...Dude...Shut Up.

It seems that Verne "Mini-Me" Troyer is going to court. But you'll never guess why.

Apparently Troyer is challenging the claim of Genevieve Gallen that they are married. Oh, did I mention that Ms. Gallen (or Mrs. Troyer?) is a smoking-hot blonde Playboy model and yoga instructor? Yeah, that's right...Just take a second and read that last sentence over again. Take another second or two and check out her website.

Sure, I know what you're all thinking--she's after his money. But I have to say...If it was me? If I was only 32 inches tall? I'd be damn glad to have that kind of bait. Think of all those other little people out there too poor to get their own gold-digging yoga instructor. And there must be something there. After all, he's seeking an annulment, which would indicate at least the semblance of a real marriage.

Ah, who knows...Maybe he's just waiting for a "Mini-She."

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