June 11, 2004

Brother Ray

Ray Charles has left us. We're going to have an awful glaring silence from here on in, so I'm not sure a moment of it right now is going to cut it. Go find a copy of "Hit The Road, Jack," or "Georgia On My Mind," or "I Got A Woman," or whatever your favorite Ray Charles song is and give the man a couple of minutes at least. Even though we've had some serious heat lately, I've got a version of Ray and Betty Carter singing "Baby, It's Cold Outside" that's just aching to be played.

I'd like to think that President Reagan decided the harps weren't getting it done, and called for the Main Event. After all, Ray does a mean version of "America, the Beautiful."

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  1. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Looks like Larry the CableGuy will have to find another blind person for his analogy, "She is so ugly, she'd make Ray Charles flinch". The world lost a great mucician and person. I especially loved him in The Blues Brothers. If you get the chance, find a rerun of the show Crossroads on CMT, he and Travis Tritt were great together.