June 30, 2004

The Man (Who's Never) On The Street

Why can't they ever seem to find these people to interview?

I was deeply moved by this great man’s [Bremer's] words but I couldn’t prevent myself from watching the effect of his words on my friends who some of them were anti-Americans and some were skeptic, although some of them have always shared my optimism. I found that they were touched even more deeply than I was. I turned to one friend who was a committed She’at and who distrusted America all the way. He looked as if he was bewitched, and I asked him, “So, what do you think of this man? Do you still consider him an invader?” My friend smiled, still touched and said, “Absolutely not! He brought tears to my eyes. God bless him.”

Another friend approached me. This one was not religious but he was one of the conspiracy theory believers. He put his hands on my shoulders and said smiling, “I must admit that I’m beginning to believe in what you’ve been telling us for months and I’m beginning to have faith in America. I never thought that they will hand us sovereignty in time. These people have shown that they keep their promises.”

You should read the rest.


  1. Funny thing is that according to The Washington Post reporter, Bremmer didn't even give a speech. As Tim Blair said: "Who to believe? A professional journalist, with access to every information stream on the planet and supported by a massive number of editors and researchers -- or Ali [another Iraqi blogger], watching TV at a Baghdad hospital?"

    Guess who won that one.

  2. That's strange...ABC spoke of a "farewell address broadcast throughout Iraq." So maybe the WaPo went solo on that one. I read the article though...what a piece of crap.

  3. Well, you should check out what a Marine has to say about the Washington Post coverage (if you haven't already... hell, did i get this link from you? ... i can't rememeber)