June 05, 2004

Some Sad Losses

I'm sure that most of you have already heard that we lost former president Reagan today. While you're immersed in your moment of silence, throw in some kind thoughts for the families of Historian William Manchester, who died last Tuesday, and Loyd Sigmon, inventor of the California "SigAlert."

Manchester wrote thorough biographies of Churchill and MacArthur, and holds the distinction of having written the longest book I've ever read from cover to cover--The Glory and the Dream. I would know nothing about the Bonus Marchers if not for that book. It was also good for holding doors open and squashing insects and small mammals.

Sigmon invented the system with which radio stations warned Southern California commuters of traffic jams. It should be noted that Sigmon never made any money on the system, more or less making it a gift for the city of Los Angeles. Good for him. The funeral will be Monday at 11...or possibly 11:30 if there's a mid-morning gridlock. Better make it noon, just to be safe.

(okay...I'm a little ashamed about that last joke.)

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  1. Hey, if you can't make fun of the dead, who can you make fun of?