September 10, 2004

What The Hell Does Quislingism Mean, Anyway?

Ever been reading a blog and suddenly encounter a strange, unknown word? Well, rest assured that won't happen here. I've added a hyperdictionary search function to the page. Say for example, you ran into the following sentence:

John Kerry, by meeting the leaders of North Vietnam in 1970, was guilty of a quislingism.

Oh, sure...You might figure it out by context alone, but since John Kerry changes positions like other men change their shorts, you can't be sure. That's where the hyperdictionary comes in!

It contains an English dictionary, and ones for computer and medical terms. It also has a thesaurus and a dream dictionary. (Although I'm not certain yet if all those are available from the search box or only from their web page.) You simply type in your term, and you get a pop-up window with the info. You don't even have to leave my page!

I've noticed that it's missing a few words here and there, but I believe they're still working on it. Besides, it's free, so quit yer yappin'!

I'm also going to try to update my links section with some of my regular stops over the next couple of days, so keep watch.

Don't say I never do anything for you...

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