September 06, 2004

Back To The Funny Stuff

After that depressing, but informative post (see below), I wanted something lighthearted. And much more lighthearted can you get than Spider-man reviewing all 96 colors of Crayola crayons? It's even funnier than it sounds. A thing of beauty, especially if you like Spider-man. Or crayons.

UPDATE: For those who didn't find them, here are links to the other(but less funny) parts.

Part 2
Part 3


  1. As someone who, in his grade school years, spent most of his free time putting the Crayolas to Spider-Man coloring books, I can honestly say that was a riot -- and a real treat.

    Thanks, DS.

  2. Funny stuff right there. Even my wife(who was reading over my shoulder) and my 4yr old who can't read yet but loves Spiderman loved it.