September 25, 2004

Quiz Time!

Here's a link to a movie history quiz. As of this writing, yours truly is in second place.


  1. At the moment i hold the 9th and 10th spot...not the coveted 1 and 2. I'm impressed, with my tail between my legs as a cinema major...

  2. Well, I wouldn't be too impressed, nor worry about your tail...Just between you and me,I'm a cinema instructor. At one time or another, I've taught a good number of those films.

  3. I knew there was a reason i liked you. There was a few movies i haven't heard of, specifically Kes and The Performers. I felt a bit lame because the 90's had some of my favorite movies (In the Mood for Love / Y Tu Mama Tambien/ Three Colors) Wong Kar-wai - is one of my favorite directors. NYT has lengthy article on him, but seeing how the times totally dropped on the blooger profile story i don't know how enthusiastic i am about recomending them. You should e-mail me some time about your top favorites.