September 08, 2004

So That Happened...

So blogger was down for a while. Publishing-wise that is. Oh, and here's a funny story regarding that. I heard about this loser, who spent several hours poring over old articles about Bush's National Guard service from the Boston Globe, the Chicago Sun-Times, and others, and stayed up until after 5 in the morning, and ended up being late for work the next day. Yeah, and he wrote up this post for his blog rebutting the ap and Boston Globe pieces that appeared last night? You know...trying to get it out there first? Be Johnny on the spot? And..get this...this is the funny part. He lost it all in the life-sucking black hole that is Blogger malfunction hell! Hahahahahahahahahaha! Oh, no...wait a minute...wait a minute...THAT WAS ME!

And now I'm just too fuckin' disgusted to try to piece it back together, so Georgie're on your own.


  1. Man, I missed such drama today ... waiting to post so late! If it makes you feel any better, I’ve encountered similar problems when clicking on the “hyperlink” button takes me to some mysterious “gif” page. Of course the damn “back” button doesn’t work in those cases ...

    But I find that sites like the one I just plugged help me lots on a crummy day. In fact, their stuff is probably just the thing for your mood ...

    PS: My “voice” is not as unfamiliar as you might think; this is just the lighter side of me coming out. Schizo-bloggers tend to do that, you know. ;)

  2. Oh, I'd know the curve of those vowels anywhere. The forceful beauty of the consonants, the lip-pursing plosives of the 'f' and 'p'...unmistakable. I'd like to say they go straight to the heart, but it's really more like...the navel. ;)

  3. Damn, you’re good! (Or, more like, I’m too obvious. ;))

    The “f’s” and “p’s” really, though? :D ... Wow.