September 20, 2004

Is This What You're Looking For?

I must say that I'm pleased to see the increase in hits. I should point out that a good deal of those hits were from people searching for "Kerri Walsh" and "Misty May" and...fill in the blank. "Naked," "lesbians," "spanking"...did I even ever use the word "spanking" on this thing??? I also got a significant number of hits for "Loudy Tourkey" and "ass." Frankly, the one I was surprised about was that no one was looking for "Lindsay Lohan naked." I did get one hit by someone looking for "Ken Wheaton naked," but I've since revoked Grandma's computer privileges, so that shouldn't happen again.

Anyway, I feel a little guilty for soliciting those hits under false pretenses. Besides, I know a potential audience when I spy on their searches, and I'm not too ashamed to pander to them. So, for those of you who made your way here looking for scantily clad volleyball players who occasionally seem like more than friends because they touch each other's butts...Enjoy the following:

And if you're looking for naked pictures of Wheaton, forget it. If I just handed them out whenever I felt like it, I'd have nothing left in my safe to force him to be friends with me.

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