September 20, 2004

More Sloppy Journalism

Reuters has the headline "James Spader Wins Emmy For 'Without A Trace.'" Only problem is, he won (and deservedly so, I think) for "The Practice." Anthony LaPaglia was the actor nominated for "Without A Trace." When asked about the incorrect headline, Dan Rather still insisted, despite all existing video footage to the contrary, that Spader did indeed star in "Without A Trace," and added that the bloggers who pointed that out, and the people who watched both shows all year long, simply didn't know what they were talking about. "Our experts have told us that it is entirely possible that they could, in fact, be the same man. Have you ever seen the two of them together?" When several people pointed out that actually they had--during the Emmys themselves--Rather replied: "I stand by my statement."

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