August 13, 2004

They Keep Piling Up

You've probably already heard about the Kerry/Cambodia story (although I don't know how...I had to search around just to find this non-blog link), but you might not have heard this one yet.

At the Democratic National Convention, Kerry said cancer patient Mary Ann Knowles was forced to work during her chemotherapy "because she was terrified of losing her family's health insurance." Not so, the newspaper found. Ms. Knowles actually had 26 weeks of paid disability but chose to work through her treatment.

"In short, (Kerry) lied. Repeatedly," The Union Leader editorialized Tuesday.

Good we have another Gore on our hands? This guy will say anything and do anything to make himself look better. I have trouble believing that level-headed Democrats out there aren't feeling a little twinge of regret, or embarrassment. "Maybe that crazy screaming guy wasn't so bad," they must be thinking.

These lies just keep coming and coming. (And let's not forget the ones from the past that--thanks to the selectivity of the press--never really came to the forefront. Ones like the Kansas City assassination meeting.) When is the mainstream media going to start reporting them?

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