August 20, 2004

Has Rahajee Been Writing His Speeches??**

Someone should get John Kerry a dictionary. This is from his speech to the VFW in Cincinnati:

"For example, why are we withdrawing unilaterally 12,000 troops from the Korean peninsula at the very time that we are negotiating with North Korea, a country that really has nuclear weapons?"

Unilaterally? Is Kerry suggesting that we now need approval from another country to withdraw our own troops? Or maybe he just forgot we were talking about withdrawing troops, and just fell back on the ol' reliable inserting troops speech?

Regardless, it didn't go over too well with some of the audience:

While Kerry received applause from the audience, some in the crowd signaled their displeasure with the candidate. There was at least one heckler, and two men stood with their backs to Kerry during his speech.

"He turned his back on his comrades in Vietnam, so I turn my back on him," Jere Hill, one of the men told CNN.

** Note: Only about two people in the world will get the joke in the title...but I bet they're laughing at it right now.

1 comment:

  1. Make that three other people. Don't forget Mr. Shadows of Poultry, who always worked diligently to make Rahajee's columns "gooder."

    And, yup, I laughed my ass off when I read the title.

    Okay, three of the four people in on the joke have been identified. Time to step up to the plate and come out as the four man, Kenny.