August 07, 2004

No Longer "Searching"

Looks like former chess champion, critic of the U.S., and anti-Semite Bobby Fischer wants to renounce his U.S. citizenship. It's no noble gesture, of protest or otherwise. Fischer is wanted by the U.S. for violating international sanctions, and has had his U.S. passport revoked. Like so many of those other douchebags out there, he hates America; he just doesn't mind availing himself of her liberties, in this case, traveling around using an American passport.

He got busted trying to enter Japan with the defunct passport, and now he's applying for asylum there, citing "U.S. persecution." (And facing possible extradition.)

I wonder if Fischer realizes that most Americans probably don't know who he is, and those who do--and I say this as a lifelong lover and player of chess--don't give a fuck about him.

I know what would happen if I were in charge of the case:

Dork to Cell Block 5...
Sodomizer takes Dork...Bunkmate.

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  1. "Who is Fischer when compared with Kronsteen?"

    Nice close on that post, by the way.