August 02, 2004


Wow. Drudge is reporting that Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert is pushing for getting rid of the IRS. I'm all on board for that one, unless any employees from the IRS happen to be reading this. The tax code is so convoluted that we ought to re-examine it. Although I admit that economics is not my strong point, I've always supported the flat tax. It's one of the reasons I liked Steve Forbes. I don't know if we have to eliminate the IRS entirely, but I think we could gut it without too much trouble (providing, of course, we simplify the tax code simultaneously).


  1. I believe Hastert is talking about a VAT, or national sales tax, to replace any kind of income tax, even a flat one. No tax returns at the end of the year at all. But you'd get a rebate (I assume) if you're below a certain income level, to make it progressive and such.

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  3. Yepper, I think the VAT was the primary choice, but if I remember correctly (and there's no guarantee of that) the flat tax was also mentioned as an option somewhere in there.

  4. Actually, I'm not all that worried about the IRS, as I always overpay every year. Not that I consciously do it, I just make next to nothing and have no assets. So take THAT, IRS! Suckers! HAhahahahahahaha...uh, wait...

  5. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Mr. Serious, we'll be seeing you in April. BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

    But seriously, I was at a Talk Radio seminar earlier this year and there was a woman there going on and on about the VAT and how they've been making real headway among Republicans and Democrats (because the VAT apparently IS progressive) and I was like, riiiiggggghhhhtt.

    Ken Wheaton