August 28, 2004

Meetings With Remarkable People

A couple of you have asked: "Hey...DS...Why no pictures of you on the blog?"

After thinking about it, I realized that was unfair of me. So I've decided to post some pictures of me with some of my favorite people, my "brushes with greatness," if you will. Enjoy!

Here I am with Natalie Portman. (I'm the one on the left.) Look at that doofus in the background. Hey, buddy! Quit lookin' at Natalie's ass and get outta my picture!

And here's me and Misty, taking it to the Germans in a little mixed doubles side-bet game.

Here I am with fellow Irish Colin Farrell, playing our old game "What does my finger smell like?" (He's NEVER gonna get this one!)

"No...YOU da man! What? Oh, I were being literal. My bad."

1 comment:

  1. Hilarious. Thanks for finally "revealing" yourself. What body part shall we anticipate in the next post?