August 07, 2004

Polling Update

Looks like there was another survey, conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, which seems to back up my previous post. Needless to say, the "significant minority" harped on by Moore and the Harris article ends up being single digits when you apply the audience makeup from the U Penn poll to the Harris poll. (You can see the exact numbers in an update on the previous post.)

The article concludes that:
Moore's movie is mainly reaching - and reinforcing the views of - people who already dislike President Bush and his policies, much like talk radio host Rush Limbaugh primarily reaches listeners who already dislike Democrats and their policies.

Terry McAuliffe, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, had predicted that the film would play an important role in helping to unseat Bush in the Nov. 2 election. Spike Lee, another politically liberal filmmaker, likewise predicted that Moore's movie would help ignite opposition against Bush. "If you're on the fence and you see this film, you're falling off," Lee said in an interview with the Houston Chronicle . "If you're on the Bush wagon and you see this film, you're coming off."

Those predictions aren't borne out by the Penn survey.

Essentially, it's what we knew all along...Moore is simply preaching to the choir and basking in their "Amens!"

Wonder if he'll address this survey on his website.

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