August 28, 2004

Hey...Wanna See Something REALLY Scary?

Then just zip on over to RetroCrush, where you can find a list of the 100 scariest movie scenes of all time. There are some glaring errors (#51 should clearly be ranked much higher) and omissions (What? Nothing from the original Dawn of The Dead? Good Lord, what's wrong with these people? In my opinion, that's the zombie film that has yet to be topped.) but the commentary is informative and funny. I would, however, argue that it's a misnomer to call them the "scariest," since some of them are simply gruesome, and some are just disturbing. To me there's a big difference between, say the red eyes at the window in The Amityville Horror (scares), and Jason Vorhees hacking someone in two (gory).

Try to guess the film from just the thumbnail pic provided. I missed 12 out of the 100, which isn't bad considering: a) some of the pictures are very small, and b) some don't actually appear to be from the film(!)

I'll post the numbers that I missed in the comments section. I'll be impressed if someone gets #83 (I did). I'll be even more impressed if someone gets #81 (I didn't). But I'll be supremely impressed if you can get #6 (I did).

If you have some ones that you think should have been included, or problems with the ranking, sound off in the comments section.

1 comment:

  1. Okay, I missed: 98, 93, 92, 89, 82, 81, 74, 73, 72, 64, 53, 31.