August 25, 2004

And Yet We Still Can't Cure Cancer

On the lighter side, though...It'll be fun to get really drunk and try to say the word "aluminum."

Pittsburgh BrewingCompany, makers of Iron City beer, unveiled a new aluminum beer bottle at a news conference in Pittsburgh, Tuesday, Aug. 24, 2004. The brewery has partnered with Alcoa Inc., the world's largest aluminum maker, to produce aluminum bottles that keep beer colder for longer, Alcoa officials said. (AP Photo/John Heller)


  1. This can't be good.

    We tried Iron City when we toured Pittsburgh Brewing last September and it was -- by far -- the nastiest beer I've ever had (and, remember, I'm from Maryland and I've had Naty Boh).

    IC Light is okay, but Iron City tastes like sewer water.

    This change can't help things at all.

  2. Maybe the owner of Pittsburgh Brewing is using these bottles to get rid of all those extra "blades" he boasts about having around.

    "Forget about it!"