August 30, 2004

Another Sidebar Link

So I'm reading through some of the old posts, making sure I didn't miss any comments, when I found a rather nice post by Christi A. Foist. They say that curiosity killed the cat, but I'm really more of a dog person anyway. So, what the hell...I bopped on over to her site.

I always enjoy finding new sites to check out, but I have to say that I really enjoyed Notes from the Navel. Especially Christi's narrative voice. Among other things, I learned how to rid my house of fruit flies, using a mixture of vinegar, sugar, and dish soap. (Which also, if I'm not mistaken, comes right after 'curiosity' on the 'things that killed the cat' list.) I even learned that sometimes she gets free money from places where she used to work, which is really cool because usually all you get are letters that say things like "Stop coming here," and "Your high-pitched sobbing is scaring customers away." know...that's what I've heard.

But then I read her explanation for "outing" herself as a Republican: "...lately I've gotten so sick of putting up with it quietly. That or I'm growing balls big enough to own my politics like a man." And I knew that...quite possibly...I was in love. (Of course, that's assuming the growing big balls thing is figuratively speaking, because that's a surprise that no man wants to go through twice.)

So, I'm hoping that Christi has no problem with me adding a link to her blog on my sidebar. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

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