February 28, 2005

There Goes The Neighborhood

Looks like the Dutch are pulling up stakes, packing up their wooden shoes and beating a hasty retreat. From the New York Times:

This small nation is a magnet for immigrants, but statistics suggest there is a quickening flight of the white middle class. Dutch people pulling up roots said they felt a general pessimism about their small and crowded country and about the social tensions that had grown along with the waves of newcomers, most of them Muslims."The Dutch are living in a kind of pressure cooker atmosphere," Mr. Hiltemann said.

Of course, some of this fear results from incidents like the death of film maker Theo Van Gogh. Criticize the way Muslim women are treated, get your throat cut. They should be thankful they don't have skyscrapers. (If I'm not mistaken, their tallest building is under 500 ft., or just under a third of the height of the twin towers of the WTC.)

So now, I guess we just wait for the inevitable New York Times editorial that will tell us that the Dutch deserve the kind of violence that Van Gogh experienced. It couldn't possibly be unwarranted; it must be some kind of retalliation. I for one welcome it because if people like Ward Churchill are right, and the victims of militant Islam bring the violence upon themselves, I'd really like to find out just what the Dutch did. Maybe when that kid stuck his finger in the hole and plugged up the dyke, he kept the water from flowing to Baghdad

It's interesting to note that in the article linked to above discussing Van Gogh's death, his murderer apparently had a motive besides Van Gogh's controversial film.

Investigators revealed that Bouyeri's motivation to kill was likely sparked by the movie Submission and further aggravated by his hate of the western world and those who refused to accept Islamic values. (emphasis mine)

UPDATE: Petitedov and New Vintage have some insight on this. Check them out.


  1. I understand why they are leaving, but I think they should stand up and face the situation and not run from it. They have it easy there.

    This reminds me of the Americans who flee to Canada because they see the US becoming too conservative.

    People need to grow a thicker skin. The world isn't all daisys and lollipops.

  2. A few months ago, The New Yorker ran an in-depth article on Van Gogh's murder and the political situation in the Netherlands. But as far as I'm aware, this problem is slowly simmering in France, Germany, and other European countries, just not attracting as much media attention. A bit unsettling...