February 05, 2005

It's Really Just Because I'm Lazy

I have been meaning to put up a post congratulating Antimedia for his coverage of the elections, and directing all of you over there, but I haven't. My guilt is now doubled because he happened to write a very nice post about me. But don't think that's the reason I'm writing the post now. This isn't just lip service, or some mutual admiration society.

I first discovered his blog during the Kerry/Vietnam/Swiftboat issue. He had done some amazing research, and I found that if I needed facts, figures, dates, etc. for my own posts, I needed look no further because if he hadn't done the research himself, he had a link to someone who did. And you can trust his research--the guy has integrity.

He's a regular read for me, and I think he's once again doing a hell of a job--this time, with the events surrounding the elections in Iraq. You would do well for yourself to cruise on over there and spend some time reading through the posts. Some of the best ones are here, here, and here.

He mentions that I was one of the early readers of his blog, but I have to say that I had no idea he was just starting out. I just assumed he had been around for a long time because the writing was so professionally done. I hope he continues with it.

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