February 27, 2005

The First Step Is Admitting You Have A Problem

Every year, I swear I will never watch the Oscars again. And every year, I do it anyway, and then somewhere along the way, I begin to wish that I had beaten my head in with a shovel. This year was no exception.

High points:

Robin Williams was funny as always, even though I think he missed the joke. Elmer Fudd replacing Brando in Streetcar? Too easy. Elmer replacing fellow baldy Brando in Apocolypse Now? All I can say is "The howwow...The howwow."

One of my favorite groups, Counting Crows, even if Adam Duritz was sporting Sideshow Bob's hairstyle. So, he dated both Jennifer Anniston AND Courtney Cox?...Really?...Huh.

A nice tribute to Carson. Even dead, that guy brings class to everything he touches.

Jamie Foxx--I was afraid the Academy was going to do him dirty and give him the supporting award instead of the one he deserved. (Sorry, Clint.)

Low Points:

What's with the "guess where the next presenter is coming from" format? Whoever had that idea should be shot. And then the winners stepped up to an aisle mike like they were in a late night show skit. I kept expecting Biff to rush up and give them a canned ham.

Sean Penn...Every time I see the guy, I wonder what planet he's living on.

Renee Zellweger...Why does she always look like she's about to sneeze?

Pierce Brosnan and the animated costumer from The Incredibles presenting together? Pierce looked like he was ready to die of shame.

I have to say that I'm not that impressed with Chris Rock so far. He said it himself in the monologue...sometimes you just need a star. I don't think he's quite "big enough" for the job.

That's it for now, but I reserve the right to add items to the list as I remember them.

UPDATE: Clint Eastwood's mother at the awards? Daaaaaaammmmnn. And you thought Clint was one tough sumbitch.

UPDATE: It's the next morning, and I still can't "Accidentally in Love" out of my head. It may not have won best song, but it's still one of those catchy tunes, kind of like that "MmmmBop" song by Hanson. That's another one you just can't get out of your head...Oh crap.

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  1. I totally thought of you when i was watching Robin Williams. I loved his Elmer Fudd/Bugs Bunny bit. I was very happy for Jamie Fox as well. Glad the Academy didn't screw up that one. I can't believe i actually sat through most of it, i need sleep.