February 24, 2005

I May Be Poor, But I'll Be Rich In Music

I'm not one for frivolous purchases. I mostly spend my money (the little bit that doesn't go to bills, anyway) on movies or books. But since Ken introduced me to woot!, I've been hooked, checking it daily. I've made a couple of small purchases there, but they finally made me an offer I couldn't refuse. I just bought the "Rockford Fosgate WiFi Car/Home Audio Bundle" for $199.99 plus $5 shipping. My understanding is that the bundle consists of two major components and two wireless adaptors. The first component is a console that connects to your stereo to your computer using one of the wireless adapters. This way, you can play all those wonderful MP3s you've got on your computer through your home stereo instead of those cheesy computer speakers. It's got a remote, too. The second component (the one I really wanted) consists of a 20 Gig portable hard drive and a stereo-type faceplate that go into your car. You can hook the drive to your PC via USB and transfer all those MP3s, or you can use the other wireless adaptor to trasfer them. You can even have them transferred automatically while you sleep. Then you can play all that music through your car stereo.

Now I know what you're saying--"DS, have you gone mad?! You, of all people, swayed by flashy technology, like a magpie after a shard of glass! O' the shame of it!" But as I said, it was an offer I couldn't refuse. If you've followed the product links above, you'll see that Crutchfield offers three of the four products in the bundle. The total? $439.97. I just got all four for less than half that.

So I may have to tighten the belt a little. I may not have food. I may not have electricity. I may not have internet access. I may not even have gas to drive anywhere. But as long as that car battery holds out, by God, I'll have Music!

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  1. Anonymous10:16 AM

    I hear ya!
    They're offering it again today on Woot! and I totally said "eff it". My stereo (a CD/MP3 player) was stolen out of my car on APril Fool's, so I'm going to be all about taking the faceplate everywhere with me.
    anyway. yay us.