October 04, 2004

Reading Between The Lies Lines

Citizen Smash - The Indepundit has a couple of good points about some of the truth behind Senator Kerry's debate statements.

Kerry would have you believe that the President has a sand table in the White House War Room, where he gathers his generals around him and commands them on how to fight the war. He’s telling us that he could do a better job directing those generals than Bush has.

Indeed. Like a lot of the Senator's claims...that's all they are--claims. With little or no evidence to back them up. For example his claim to reduce world nukes in 4 years instead of 13 reminds me of an old Zen parable:

A young man approaches a master and says "I wish to become enlightened. I will work very hard." The master says "Hmmmm....that will take you 10 years. Are you ready to devote 10 years of your life?" The student responds by saying "Ten years is a long time, so I will work twice as hard." "Ah," the master replies, "in that case it will take you 20 years."
If it's worth doing, it's worth taking our time doing. Besides, according to proliferation expert Richard Falkenrath, 4 years is a pipe dream. Here he is, quoted in the New York Times:

Mr. Kerry's timetable is unrealistic, he said, arguing that the easiest of Russia's hundreds of nuclear sites had been secured under the first President Bush and President Bill Clinton, and that those remaining involve more complex bureaucratic challenges.

"It's simply a preposterous claim for anyone to be able to say that the American government could compel the Russian government to transfer its nuclear materials from one facility to another - no amount of bribery or coercion or arm-twisting could ensure that," Mr. Falkenrath said in an interview. "Senator Kerry suggests there's some magic wand he can wave to make this move faster. There is none. We're making progress where progress is possible."
Perhaps in the next debate, Senator Kerry could discuss his use of the magic wand.

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