October 03, 2004


If my body is a temple, let me just say that my temple has been taken over by the enemy. I'm not sure which enemy exactly, but they seem to have shut down most systems, and reprogrammed the temple to do one thing: convert everything I ingest into snot. I've tried decongestants, allergy pills...nothing. I'm nearly finished with a second box of tissues, and it just. Will. Not. Stop.

I don't know why my body has revolted in this manner because honestly, I find the normal rate of snot production to be more than sufficient.

Anyway, I can't sleep...or breathe, but I've been in bed a good portion of the day, and am likely to remain there for a while. That means blogging may be sporadic. Sorry.


  1. I hope you feel better. A home remedy to clear up the nostril passages is to boil a pot of potatoes (or just water) and then cover your head with a towel and breathe in the steam from the pot. It clears up the throat/nose for a while and added bonus includes beautiful skin and something yummy to eat afterwards.

  2. Well, better the blogging be sporadic than the colon be spastic, I guess.

    (Yeah, I had to go there)