October 29, 2004

But I'm Suuuure He Felt Better After The Apology

Ouch. I guess Brittany Murphy had revealed--on national TV, mind you--a "little" secret about ex-boyfriend Ashton Kutcher. Regarding Kutcher's relationship with Demi Moore:
She [Murphy] said at the time: "I suppose that the crux of their relationship is that, to him, age doesn't matter and, to her, size doesn't matter."

While I'm cool with taking uppity celebs like Kutcher down a peg or two, I think this one hits below the belt (unintentional pun). I mean, who wants their shortcomings revealed on national TV (another unintentional pun)? And what about poor Demi Moore? I mean she's really getting the short end of the stick. (okay, THAT one I meant...and worked hard for.)

Well, at lest Murphy apologized.

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