October 05, 2004

Finally, A Little Respect.

He always said he couldn't get any (respect, that is), but Rodney Dangerfield was one of the most respected comedians of the last century. He passed away today, emerging from a post-heart-surgery coma long enough for one last round of laughs and to tell his family he loved them.

Known primarily for short, self-depricating jokes ("when I was young, they had to tie a steak around my neck to get the dog to play with me"), he will probably always be best remembered for his role as Al Czervik in 1980's Caddyshack. Although Bill Murry stole most of the film for himself, Dangerfield had a few gems. My favorite?

"Nice boy, wonderful boy, marvelous boy...now I know why tigers eat their young."

Like I said, Rodney...finally, a little respect. You've earned it. Make 'em laugh up there, will ya?


  1. I was going to do a eulogy of Rodney as well, but you did it better. I love self-depricating humor, and he was the best at it.

    (Seems like when celebrities die they don't go alone Janet Leigh died two days ago).

  2. I liked this exerpt of his material from NYT:

    "Rappin' Rodney," one of his most popular recordings, included these lyrics: "I'm gettin' old, it's hard to face. During sex I lose my place. Steak and sex, my favorite pair. I have 'em both the same way - very rare."