February 01, 2009

Super Bowl

1st Quarter: I think it might have been a mistake to not go for it. Fourth and a foot, and you've got the best defense in the league? I know points on the board are points on the board, but it IS the Super Bowl.

2nd Quarter: 13 yards? Ouch.

See...this is why it was a mistake for the Steelers not to go for it in the first. The Cardinals can score that quickly.

Steelers D at it again. I thought there was :03 left on the clock, so if they don't give him the TD, they ought to put time on the clock for one play. Maybe I was wrong.

Doesn't matter, I guess--they gave him the TD.

Halftime: I caught Seth Meyers' joke on SNL about the Steelers and Cardinals "opening for Springsteen." Ha ha. Come see me in 20 years and we'll see which one is still on TV--the NFL or Springsteen.

Is it me, or does the overwhelming theme of Super Bowl commercials seem to be meanness?

Damn it! Where do I get me some "Chuck" 3-D glasses?

Third Quarter: Maybe it's just me, but what I saw was Warner reaching for a ball that came loose from his hand...NOT a forward pass. Certainly not enough of one to overcome the call on the field.

Heath Miller plays well enough that I'll forgive the occasional drop...but he still should have caught it.

Wow...Adrian Wilson self-destructs. That sucks...I like Wilson.

Fourth Quarter: One more to go!

I like that the Steelers are staying agressive on defense.

I spoke too soon. This is my problem with the Steelers' D: the team gets a lead, and what happens? They pull back and let the team dink and dunk right down the field. Being agressive worked so far. Pressure!

That 1st Quarter call...

I love my Steelers, but they deserve to lose this game. The Cardinals have given them every opportunity to win the game, and they've made bad decisions all the way.

Touchdown Steelers!! So...assuming the win stands...Holmes or Harrison for MVP?

At the risk of jinxing things, I should point out that I'm less than excited about the Steelers' special teams play (although they've been decent tonight).

And the defense wins it again. One for the thumb...on the LEFT hand.

I don't know what's going to happen, but I think MVP should go to Holmes.

Oh, man...what a game. Hats off to the Cardinals. They made it so close that I think I may be sick, and the game's over.

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