February 01, 2009

Saturday Night Not-So-Live

My thoughts on SNL as I watch the episode I DVRed last night:

Opening: I can imagine the memo...
"Continuing the long-standing tradition of SNL making fun of American presidents, our opener will take a shot at President Obama. Writers, please note--we will not be doing anything that makes Obama himself look bad. Biden? Sure. George Bush? Even better."

Monologue: If jokes are a little lame, a "So Barack Obama is president" comment always works. "San Dimas High School football rules!!" (obscure movie reference)

Edible Pampers: Laughed a little; lost appetite a lot.

MacGruber: What a waste of Richard Dean Anderson. You get MacGuyver and that's the best you can do?

Super Bowl Bar: Not so great. Martin's character seemed a little out of place.

Digital Shorts - Laser Cats 4: KILL...KILL...LOVE. Awesome!

Issues: Oh, Casey Wilson...even with "permples" on your face, you are enchanting! When will you give up this comedy thing and settle down with a nice boy who occasionally writes about pining for you in his blog?

MacGruber 2: Still a waste.

Bernie Madoff Super Bowl Party: Cute, but suffers from the occasional SNL problem of "let's play the one note to death."

Cast Members/Steve Martin Orgy: NOOOOOOOO!!!! Why, Casey Wilson, Why? Damn you, Martin! I hate you with the heat of a thousand white hot suns!!
The singing was nice.

MacGruber 3: Pepsi pepsi waste pepsi.

Jason Mraz: He's always good live. No exception here.

Weekend Update:
  1. Guys, making fun of Blago doesn't work, as Blago himself does it better than anyone.
  2. The Angelina Jolie baby search - either kind of funny, or just seems so compared to the rest.
  3. David Patterson - They've got some guts, going with this skit after they got so much flak last time. I thought it was funny, but I kept wondering if it would play outside of New York. Is Patterson well-known outside NY?
  4. Jersey jokes are always funny.
  5. I heard Lorne Michaels hates it, but I always like it when cast members break up.
Store Makeup: Casey Wilson and Steve Martin - "It really makes my lips look moist." "Your face looks much more like a baby's fanny now." My god, get a room you two...I am sooo over you, Casey Wilson. (Just kidding. You're still my comedy goddess. Call me?)

Steve Martin Banjo: I love when Steve Martin plays the banjo. Nice song, too, but I saw the punchline coming. I also would have liked more playing, less singing.

Forefathers of the Game: Hahahaha...."of course we were upset! He had a great arm and a GUN!" Best skit so far. Reminded me a little of Woody Allen's Zelig.

Jason Mraz 2: See Jason Mraz 1 above.


  1. I only saw Store Makeup onward. Apparently I didn't miss anything. Even Store Makeup was stupid. I love me some Kristen Wiig, but you actually have to do SOMETHING with the freak characters other than just stand there and say freak things. Yeesh. ... And, yeah, the Martin song could have done without the lyrics. Stretching way too far for rhymes in that one.

  2. Did you like the football bit? I think that was my favorite.