February 08, 2009

SNL 2-7-09

Opener: even the audience didn't laugh at that one. Also, small point, but haven't the Democrats had a majority for the last two of those last eight years?

Monologue: Who the fuck is Bradley Cooper? Seriously. This is the first time EVER that I have not known the host of SNL. EVER!

Today Show: Didn't like this bit the last time they did it. This one was no better. The real versions are more irritating, and so it's tough to make fun of them by trying to be irritating.

"I'm Gonna Have Sex With Your Wife": Yet another SNL skit that relies on one joke that goes on too long. On another note....I don't want any more sketches with Casey Wilson having pretend sex with the host. (See last week's Steve Martin cast orgy sketch)

Digital Short (Boat Ride): The highlight so far, but only because the rest has been so bad.

Four Guys & A Song: Not crazy about the choice of song, but this is always one of my favorite setups. Paul Rudd and his cell phone set the bar pretty high, but this one wasn't too bad.

TV on the Radio 1: Not really all that familiar with them, so I can't really compare the live/studio work, but I dig the music. The singing wasn't anything to write home about. Fans, is that normal for them?

Weekend Update: Nancy Pelosi joke...nice. The Phelps/Spitz bit gave me the first laugh out loud moments of the night. I like Seth's delivery, but I miss Amy. Especially with "Really?" (which was pretty hilarious AND insightful. Kellogg's sucks). Bjork? What does it say when Bjork is actually the most stable character Kristin Wiig's played in a while? On another side note, if life had sound effects, I've always thought "bjork" would be the sound an erection would make.

And Lorne Michaels, don't think I haven't noticed that we're more than halfway through with only ONE Casey Wilson sketch. I'm keeping my eye on you.

Locker Room: Sketch-wise, I'm beginning to think that SNL saves up all the suck to give it to the relatively unknown host. At least it was short.

Bad Guys & Good Conversation: I want to love any sketch that has Hans Gruber AND Jame Gumb. Of course, I should point out that none of these villains are from movies in the last 18 years. That may have killed the sketch a little. If not for Hader's Gumb, this one would have been a train wreck.

Intervention: Dear God...finally, another Casey sketch, and this is what we get? Can't they give her another paralyzed stripper sketch or something?

TV On The Radio 2: Best of the two performances, but still...music awesome, singing not awesome.

Christian Bale: Not a bad Bale. I'd rather go back and listen to the real thing, though. That's half the trouble with SNL: they find something already funny or something that everyone in the civilized world is already making fun of (and most of them doing it better) and then try to improve on the comedy. Thank god this is almost over. I'm so tired, I'm not even sure this post is going to make any sense.

Baldwin's on next week. Don't know if it's new or not, but even his repeats are better than this steaming pile of show.

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