January 21, 2005

Two Completely Unrelated Things

What the hell??? About 80% of my hits are now coming from google searches looking for images with the search terms "Colin," "Farrell," and "finger." And they're almost all from international versions of Google. What the hell is going on here? Is there some story about Farrell giving people the finger that I missed? Am I now involved in some international conspiracy? You! Yes, you--the one from the Netherlands...can you explain this? Any of you?

and on a lighter note, here's Larry Elder on Social Security.
In 1992, the Wall Street Journal asked President Clinton, "Let's run a couple [of deficit cutting schemes] by you just to see if you would entertain them: raising the retirement age for Social Security benefits." Clinton answered, "I think it's something we ought to look at, I sure do. When Social Security was instituted . . . the retirement age was pegged at an age that was higher than the average life expectancy of the people paying into the system. The average person that actually drew retirement benefits spent about five or six of their adult years in retirement. Now, with the fastest growing group of the population over 80, by the turn of the century the average person could literally spend 20 years in retirement. . . . "
He's right, and it's one of the biggest problems with Social Security. As originally intended, it was to provide benefit for those who were of strong stock, and managed to live past life expectancy, NOT to supplement retirement benefits.


  1. I saw something on VH1 today about Colin saying that having a prostitute is like ordering a pizza and some dude said something about a finger. So maybe that's where all the hits are coming from? (Why do i feel i'm wasting my life by watching Best Week Ever?)

  2. It's very strange because all of the searches seem to be looking for the filename "finger.jpg," which coincidentally is the same name I used for that picture of Farrell I posted way back when. Don't get me wrong--I'm not above taking charity hits to boost my numbers, but it's a little maddening not knowing what they're looking for.