January 12, 2005

Fer Cryin' Out Loud....

Can somebody please tell me how it is that The Thornburgh Independent Review Panel investigating the Rathergate memo scandal over at CBS failed to find any evidence of political bias??? Oh, perhaps it was because the panel wasn't exactly "independent," as Tony Blankley points out.

So the lawyers hired to independently investigate CBS have a lawyer/client relationship with CBS. Presumably, as a senior member of that firm, Independent Review Panel Member Richard Thornburgh also has CBS as a fiduciary client. Thus, unlike similarly named government independent investigations -- this one is paid for by, and carried out on behalf of, the target of the investigation.

Outrageous. Even Rather is still clinging to the illusion that this was all some sort of "honest mistake." His response is posted on Drudge, and includes the laughable line:

I have seen us overcome adversity before. I am convinced we can do so again.

Need I point out that the term adversity means hardship or misfortune, again implying that somehow, this was something done to CBS instead of something done by them. Unreal. Rather needs to look himself straight in the eye and say that "it's time to bolt the shutters because the stove is hot and Aunt Minnie's just about done with the wash." Whatever the hell that means.


  1. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Viacom put Dick on the "panel" because of his abhorrence of Bush. He went out of his way to *NOT* find evidence of political motivation. Precisely the reason Viacom hired him. Something like this was forecast last Oct. when the "panel" was named. Dick is absolutely *NOT INDEPENDENT*.
    Rod Stanton

  2. Anonymous5:23 AM

    "this one is paid for by, and carried out on behalf of, the target of the investigation"

    I don't see what option CBS has other than to pay for an investigation on behalf of itself, although they could have picked a different group of people to do it.