January 23, 2005

Not Again...

It's midway through the first quarter, and it's 10-0...but not in a good way.

Did I mention I hated the Patriots?

...Beginning of second quarter:

Typical Steelers playoff behavior. They seem to be playing better, but give up the big play. (Just like they did with the Jets last week.)

...Two minutes left:

Let the consoling begin. Go Eagles.

...Game Over:

There is no God.


  1. Fuck.

    And, yes, go Eagles.

    The Patriots are the reigning champs, and have won two of the last three Super Bowls.

    In October, the Red Sox "beat" the Curse of the Bambino with their bogus World Series win. (Hey, baseball is not a wild-card sport. If you're in the same division as the Yankees and you lose after a 162-game regular season, I don't care if you got the wild card, beat the Yankees in the post-season, and won the World Series: You're still a flaccid, suck team that's so unmitigatedly limp you needed an equally limp "wild card" to win the big one becuase, and I'm being guilty of understatement here, without the wild card your pansy-ass team -- nay, King of the Pansy Ass Major League Baseball Teams -- would have gone at least another 200 years before getting to the big show... and then losing it.)

    And, of course, we had that freak from Massachusetts on TV all year long screaming one tirade about "This president!" or "My service in Vietnam!" into the sanctity of our homes.

    I, myself, am more than sick of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

    Now, I'm no great fan of the Eagles or their city (which I have visited more than I care to remember), but I'll take the great state of Pennsylvania and the City of Brotherly Love (home of the Dead Milkmen and the world's finest cheesesteaks) over MA and Beantown any day of the week -- and that applies to sports, politics, or picking a city in which to vacation.

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  3. Ah, the Dead Milmen...

    "If you don't have Mojo Nixon, then your store could use some fixin'"
    --Punk Rock Girl

  4. "Stuart" is still their all-time best song.