November 27, 2004

Put Up Or Shut Up

I know I haven't been that political recently, and I apologize. It's a fairly hectic time for me, and I haven't been able to write as much as I'd like. However, I can't stress enough how good of a job people like antimedia have done in keeping me informed on the current goings-on.

One of his posts in particular has caught my attention. He links to My Soldier, an organization that allows individuals and groups to adopt a soldier. It's easy, and free, and I urge you to sign up. And when someone you know on the right gives thanks or offers a toast to our men and women in uniform, say "I'm glad you feel that way," and ask them to sign up for My Soldier. When someone you know on the left insists that although they are against the war, they support the troops, say "I know a non-political way you can do that," and ask them to sign up for My Soldier.

When a person enrolls in the My Soldier program, they agree to adopt a soldier. They receive a “starter kit” containing guidelines for letter writing and care package preparation, a red My Soldier bracelet, and a specially designed My Soldier baseball hat to include with the first letter they send to their deployed United States Armed Serviceperson. The first letter/care package they send is addressed to their soldier's platoon contact who then distributes it to their soldier. The soldier then replies and direct correspondence begins (about 80% of soldiers respond, but 100% appreciate getting the letters).

There's no good reason not to do it.

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  1. Hey DS, I found you through Ken. I wanted to thank you for encouraging the adopting of a soldier. Personally, I have many, many soldiers that I support. A large chunk of 1st Infantry Division resides in my neighborhood (Schweinfurt, Germany) and all but a few injured and other assorted non-deployables are gone. The end of this year's deployment is coming to a close. Unfortunately, this wasn't my first deployment as a left behind spouse and it won't be my last one. I support our soldiers 100%. They really do appreciate all the kind words (even from an unknown person) and love receiving care-packages. Their shopping opportunities are extremely limited. I invite you to come visit my blog (especially the posting of Oct 16th).