November 26, 2004

One Thing To Be Thankful For

I'm thankful that I'm not playing against Peyton Manning in any of my Fantasy Football leagues. My God, that boy's a freak of nature. He threw 6 touchdown passes today. Six. And I should point out, he only completed 23 passes, so essentially one out of every four passes was a TD.

Now, the single-season TD pass record is 48, held by Dan Marino. (I'm working from pure memory here. Normally, I'd look it up, but I'm tired. So, please correct me if I'm mistaken.) Manning is a virtual shoe-in for this year's MVP, and unless something really odd or unfortunate happens, Manning will shatter Marino's record. He already has 41, and if he can keep up that pace, he'll end up in the high 50s.

I'm sorry, I just have to say this one more time before I sign off:

One out of every four passes was a TD.

I can't even do that on Xbox. On the easy level.

1 comment:

  1. I know dude. That shit is crazy. Imagine if Adam (ie The Neonates) didn't get shut out on draft day and he had even a half way decent team (not to say he hasn't made the best of the free agent pool). That would be tough to beat. Peyton is just so consistently spectacular, and that is rare.

    So, you think it's still me and you in the superbowl? Don't make me whup your ass again (by 1.5 points)!